Dust Control Products

Choose this product because:

  • Constantly attracts moisture from the air to keep road surface damp
    Relatively inexpensive
  • Clean & odor free
  • More product on your road means longer lasting and more effective dust control
  • Increaded chloride application rate holds dust better when conditions get extremely dry
    Recommended for residential gravel roads, detours, haul roads and industrial parking lots with heavy traffic
  • Natural, non-hazardous material that is more resistant to rain dilution for better, longer lasting dust control

Easy Steps to Get Started

  1. Please indicate on the county permit provided the desired number of feet and 1 or 2 applications
  2. Please return the sign/completed permit & a check payable to:
    Deano’s Road Dust Control
    14711 210th Street
    Mason City, Iowa 50401

With fall seasons commonly ending dry and increased fall harvest traffic we recommend two applications with any dust control product.